Doom Patrol’s Alan Tudyk Talks About What Goes Into Play Mr. Nobody


Doom Patrol has quickly become one of my favorite superhero shows for the simple reason that the characters that we watch every Friday are not heroes. They are simply people, who all have their unique background stories and “abilities” who happen to be thrown into situations where they must do the right thing. And the show isn’t afraid to be weird and bizarre – in fact, it thrives on that. It is a show that both touches on some real issues, while making you believe you lived in a world with talking blue horse heads and where Brendan Fraser’s Robotman delivers some of the most heartfelt scenes. And have we mentioned the brilliance of Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane?

Alan Tudyk plays the villainous Mr. Nobody, who is incredibly meta and frequently breaks the fourth wall – as he is a character who can literally manipulate time and space. Our narrator of sorts, he is currently keeping the Doom Patrol’s Chief in captivity, regarding him as his nemesis. Although, at some point, Mr. Nobody does assist Chief and the others in defeating another evil force, simply because he “hadn’t been in the last two episodes”.

The talented actor spoke recently about the show, what made Doom Patrol different from other series, and what it is like playing such an omnificent presence like Mr. Nobody.

On what makes the Doom Patrol different from other superhero teams…

“The “superheroes” are messed up. They’re very likable but they’re odd.  The idea of Robotman to me is one that sticks out the most, the fact that he’s the brain of a race car driver inside of a robot. Now, the robot doesn’t race cars. It’s not like we needed the brain of a racecar driver inside this robot to race cars better than anyone. No, he’s just alive, and the extraordinary thing is that he’s alive inside of a robot. Plus, he’s got that great relationship with Crazy Jane. She’s incredible because she’s got all those personalities and they all have their own super powers, which is an idea that’s fantastic. My character, Mr. Nobody, he’s got so much power but he’s an absurd individual. He loves the absurdity of existence and inflicting absurdity on people. It’s a world where, in the comics, there’s these “watchers” that are just like kite people made of dead skin. It’s crazy… There’s a roach that’s a born-again Christian! I’m looking forward to people seeing [more of] this world that can fit so much insanity inside of it and have it make sense.

On playing the human side of an omnipotent god-like character…

“[Mr. Nobody] is an emotional being and emotions are inherently human — the things that drive them are pretty basic — revenge, malice. The stuff that motivates us through every day. The stuff you feel every day on the roads of Los Angeles just driving around. It’s in the relationships with people, and my main relationship is with Timothy Dalton’s character. I kidnap him early on, or I’m circling him and he kind of circles me as much as he can. But I have him. He’s not getting away very easy.”

You can read the whole interview at DC Universe and let us know what you’ve been enjoying about Doom Patrol so far!