Epic Taking Inspiration From Apex Legends For a New Fortnite Respawn Mechanic


It appears Epic Games have been taking inspiration from its biggest competition over at Respawn entertainment in the form of, no pun intended, an Apex Legends like respawning system which may be coming to Fortnite sometime soon.

Zack Estep, Epic Games producer, confirmed recently in a Fortnite AMA that a respawn system for squad matches is definitely a possibility and something we’ll know more about soon. He stated “We’ve been considering this mechanic for a while and have been exploring it. Want to make sure we give it the time it needs and fully understand its impact on the game as a whole. Look for further updates during Season 8.”

It seems the majority of the Fortnite player-base would be open to such a mechanic being implemented and whilst I myself don’t play Fortnite anymore, having recently played a bunch of Apex Legends Its respawn system is a fantastic addition. Not only does it increase the overall speed and flow of the games but it allows for some seriously clutch comebacks and some intense chases as you race to resurrect your friend. Plus a respawn system would help less experienced players stay in the action for a little longer rather than being down and out instantly but until we have a confirmation its all speculation.

Regardless of Fortnite’s possible respawn feature addition, it has been confirmed that the game will receive some improvements towards team management and overall communication.

Design lead for Epic, Eric Williamson stated: “There are some improvements coming in Season 8 that will help with map markers & team communication, and we’re always mindful of how we can make these areas better.” Anyone else feeling some deja vu reading that? Whilst an upgrade from the standard map marker that Fortnite currently has would be nice, this new “ping” style system is sounding ever so similar to Epic’s recent rival Apex Legends and fans have been quick to notice.

Ever since its launch fans have been in hot debate over whether Fortnite will reign supreme for if Apex will finally take its crown and now online chatter states the majority of fans see this new announcement as Fortnite copying Apex after it overtook Fortnite on platforms such as Twitch. Despite what fans may think if these additions do come to Fortnite it can only improve the game and it doesn’t take away from Apex which is best for everyone.

Let us know you’re thoughts on Fortnites new respawn system over on Twitter and tell us, which is the battle royal king? Apex or Fortnite?