Epix’s ‘PENNYWORTH’ Plot Details Revealed

Pennyworth, the show no one asked for is really happening it seems and today we have our first look at the what might be the official plot details for Epix’s new Batman spin-off  series. According to That Hashtag Show, Pennyworth will revolve around a young Alfred and his relationship with Thomas Wayne. The series will see Thomas and Alfred take on an elite villain group known as the Raven Society. You can read the full plot details here

“[The] series will see him try to reconcile his new age ambitions with the expectations of his father, a proud, stubborn and capable butler known as Mr. P, who,along with his wife, has spent his life in service of a wealthy family and hoped his son would do the same.”

“Alfred will find himself allied with Thomas through his work for a private security company when Thomas arrives in London in search of his sister, Patricia.. The two will be contemporaries, and the 20-something Wayne is said to be intelligent, deeply moral and idealistic, characteristics that Alfred will come to instill in Thomas’s orphaned son.”

“Led by the mysterious Lord Hardwood and his sadistic henchwoman, Bet Sykes, the Raven Society will find themselves in what sounds like a season long game of cat-and-mouse with our heroes after Sykes abducts a dancer by the name of Esme Whitaker. The heroes will battle Hardwood and the corrupt London police force in an effort to rescue Whitaker and will have to come to trust one another to do so, setting the table for one of comics’ greatest relationships.”

The initial order for the show was 10 episodes so we are not sure just how far Epix will want to take this series.  I’d like to see this series just stick to Alfred and Thomas on missions together or seeing more of Alfred’s backstory.

Do the plot details make you more or less interested in the show? Leave us a comment below.

Pennyworth is set to debut on Epix in 2019