Fan-Casting Well-Known DC Villains

While it is the studios that decide on who gets to play what role, it is fun to sit and pick an actor or actress who you can see portraying a comic book character. Everyone has their fan-favorites and some may seem as unlikely as ever, but despite perhaps not being as exposed to the big wigs that determine the casting, it doesn’t mean certain people wouldn’t absolutely nail a role. That’s what I’d like to do today; give my completely personal opinionated choices for certain DC villains. Now this list is small and probably won’t match a lot of your picks, but hopefully, I can sway you into at least considering it. Some, I haven’t touched, as Margot Robbie was born to play Harley Quinn and both Danny DeVito and Robin Lord Taylor are perfect Penguins. But, please, let me know if you can agree with my picks and what yours are as well!

Corey Stoll as Lex Luthor

This is not the first time I’ve expressed how much I’d love to have Corey Stoll play Lex Luthor. Not only is he the perfect bald man, but Stoll has the height and presence to play an intimidating businessman. Not only can he play arrogant, confident, and smooth, but also unhinged. In the DCEU, he would be a perfect age to fit within the current timeline. While we don’t know if we’re ever getting Henry Cavill back as Superman, someone who would be a similar Man of Steel would be good to play opposite of Stoll’s Lex. Whatever they were doing with Jesse Eisenberg really doesn’t fit all that well and bringing in someone, like Stoll; that can do the villain justice would be a better choice.

Bruce Langley as The Riddler

Those outside of the American Gods may not know who Bruce Langley is. In the Starz series, Langley portrays the god of technology, rightfully called Technical Boy. As the protagonist, he is outspoken, over the top, and has great body movement that would pay homage to what Jim Carrey did with the character. The Riddler is meant to be a cunning, master of puzzles and I believe that Langley would really fit into the role not only physically, but personality wise as well. It seems like most directors want to now go with someone who is already established, but given the chance, I think Langley could really grow in the DCEU to the point where he too, would become what we look for in the character.

Amber Rose Revah as Catwoman

Isn’t Amber Rose Revah gorgeous? Not only that, but talented, seductive, and everything that Catwoman is. I really can see this iconic Batman villain/anti-hero as The Punisher actress. I think that she would be able to embody everything that Michelle Pfeiffer and Anne Hathaway had when they played Selina Kyle. Unfortunately, The Punisher has been canceled by Netflix, as have all of the Marvel shows; meaning these actors are going to be looking for the next step in their careers. If Warner Bros. is looking to bring Catwoman into their realm, look no further than Revah!

David Anders as The Joker

Even if you haven’t watched CW’s iZombie (which you should), David Anders has been in a lot of fan-favorites from Alias, Once Upon a Time, Heroes, and The Vampire Diaries. On iZombie, he plays the cunning and morally loose Blaine Debeers who ping pongs each season from being trustworthy/untrustworthy. Anders’ performance on this show is some of the best acting in the series and his abilities throughout his career to completely jump into whoever he’s playing makes him a perfect candidate for the Clown Prince.

Deborah Ann Woll as Poison Ivy

Deborah Ann Woll is most known for her role on True Blood and most recently, Karen Page in the now deceased Defenders universe on Netflix. While people’s reactions to Miss Page are mixed, I’ll forever be a fan of her and the actress. Not only is Woll a drop dead gorgeous redhead, but she has the stature of Poison Ivy, as well as the ability to play this well-known seductress. I can completely see her both as Dr. Pamela Isley, as well as her villainous persona. To see Woll as Poison Ivy act across from Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn would truly be something amazing to watch.

Ben Barnes as Scarecrow

Yes, yes, another actor from the Defenders universe. They need jobs now, don’t they? Ben Barnes has been Dorian Gray, Prince Caspian, Logan Delos, and Billy Russo; long story short, the actor has range. Not to mention, he does somewhat resemble Cillian Murphy, who portrayed Dr. Jonathan Crane aka the Scarecrow in the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. Barnes has been fan-cast as Batman, but I think he could really be a great Scarecrow. We’ve seen how well he has been able to play someone a little “off” as Billy Russo in The Punisher, so I don’t think it would be a stretch to have him play this master of fear.

Obviously, this fan-cast post is all my own and not everyone may agree with my choices. Let me know what you think and who you would choose to play these characters. Also, huge shoutout to Juwaan Carter for providing these photos for this post.