First Look At Potential Batman Suit In ‘TITANS’

We are just a couple weeks away from DC’s TITANS  debuting at New York Comic Con before its DC Universe launch on October 13. We know the main players are Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven plus we have seen set photos of Hawk, Dove, and Jason Todd. Could we possibly see Bruce Wayne and/or Batman on the show as well?

Thanks to Instagram user DC.Marvel.Unite we have what might be our first look the Batman suit used in the show. The suit looks very basic and almost looks like one he might have worn as a prototype during his earlier days.  Check out the images here

Now these shots also look like test images for the cowl and suit and we have no other evidence suggesting this was used or will be used on the show. Some of the other shots are very dark which might suggest that these were used for just out of focus images or just so we could see the shape of Batman. Despite the look it’s cool to think we might actually see Batman at some point.

Recent set photos and videos show Robin meeting Jason Todd for the first time and where there is a Robin usually there is a Batman. Guess we will know for sure in about three weeks.

So what do you think of the look? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.