Former ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Member Rhys Coiro Wants To Play Gambit

With the Fox now Marvel Gambit project still in Comicbook film limbo, that hasn’t stopped other actors from stepping forward to express their interest. While Channing Tatum has been attached to the role since 2014, with a revolving door of Directors coming in and exiting, the role of Gambit is still one fans want to see. You now add former Walking Dead star Rhys Coiro to the list of actors interested in the the Cajun Mutant. Coiro, who played short-lived Savior-turned-marauder Jed in the shows ninth season, has expressed his interest in playing the card-slinging mutant Gambit. In a recent interview with Totally Driven Radio, he said as much:

I think I’d be a good Gambit. If I was gonna do an X-Men universe [movie], I think I’d go in for Gambit, that would be my guy.

Until Marvel makes a decision about the Gambit project, who would you like to see as the popular Character? Could you see Coiro in the role or would you still prefer Tatum or maybe someone else? Share your Gambit thoughts with us at GVNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com