Fox Cancels ‘The Gifted’


The Gifted will not be getting a third season, as Fox has decided to not renew the X-Men centric show. The show centered around the Strucker family who discover their children have mutant powers, thus becoming part of an underground network of mutants, and then become involved in a war that they were not prepared for. This show offered a new take on mutants, but alongside a comedy series Rel, the network has canceled both.

Producer Derek Hoffman had previously stated:

“We really tried to hammer out that they’re not much different than you and I, and that hopefully, their experiences are relatable to the audience, that they’ll go through things that are relatable to the audience. And by doing that it’s all about the metaphor for the characters and making sure that the audience is invested in the relationship between the characters. I love the Strucker family. I feel very bad for what we put them through. I enjoy it very much, but we try to put them through the wringer, and see what they’re made of and pull them apart and put them back together and really put the characters through the wringer.”

This news can be upsetting for fans, considering the way the second season ended. There could be a chance, now that Fox is under Disney’s umbrella, that perhaps the show could be revived elsewhere. After all, fans still hold out hope that maybe Hulu can pick up the Netflix Marvel shows that were canceled; both Luke Cage and Iron Fist also having ended on cliffhangers as both expected third seasons. With so many questions left unanswered for The Gifted, the biggest now is: will we see this show again or is this is?

How do you feel about The Gifted being canceled?

Source: CB