Fox’s ‘The Orville’ Introduces Lt. Alara’s Replacement


When Fox’s 2nd Season of The Orville started production, there were rumors that Sage Halston, who played the role of Chief Security Office Alana Kitan was leaving the show. This was confirmed when in the episode entitled Home, Alana resigned her commission in order to return to her home of Xelaya. Apparently, Captain Mercer had grown accustomed to having Xelayan muscle for his Security Chief as her replacement also is an Xelayan per his request. Lt. Talla Keyali, played by Jessica Szohr make her appearance in this weeks episode All the World is Birthday Cake. 

Upon her arrival, Captain Mercer asks for an explanation of a comment in her service record where she punched her previous Captain in the face. He had read the record but he wanted her explanation of the events. She explained that they had encountered a race that had a profound disregard for men in authority, so to make a positive impression, she punched her Captain, leading to a good relationship with the inhabitants. Captain Mercer accepted her explanation but asked her if she could warn him before she makes that type of decision with him. She told him she could make no such promises.

It is that type of exchange that exemplifies the differences between the Szohr’s character and Halston’s  Alana Kitan. Alana was always trying to fit in, win the approval of her shipmates. Tally is very comfortable with who she is and makes no attempts to be anything else. How this is further developed will be a work in progress.

For fan’s of the Orville, how do you feel about Lt. Alana’s replacement? Did her introduction in this week’s episode make a positive or negative impression on you? Share your personnel evaluations with us at GVNation.