‘Galaxy Quest’ Series Delayed


For all fans of Galaxy Quest, you’ll have to wait to see the television adaptation. Amazon was supposed to be working on the show, but after the firing of Amy Powell, everything has come to a stand-still.

Series writer Paul Scheer likens Galaxy Quest to the return of Star Wars, stating:

“We want to create this kind of thing that feels like this epic sequel, but a continuation. I compared it to what The Force Awakens is to Star Wars. It is continuing a story but bringing in new characters,” he said. “My pitch for Galaxy Quest was, ‘How can we kind of blow this out and pay off things for the fans that love Galaxy Quest, but more importantly — and the thing that I really wanted to do is — appeal to the ‘me’ of now. Who’s the 18-year-old version of me that loved Galaxy Quest now? What would they want to see? Because I think that that is a movie that we haven’t really made yet: the Tropic Thunder in the world of modern-day science fiction.”

For those who don’t know, Galaxy Quest was a parody of sorts of Star Trek, featuring a very similar series. The cast is then abducted by aliens and transported to an actual starship. This does sound like something that could work out in a series, so hopefully, it can get off the ground. Are you looking forward to a Galaxy Quest series or should it be left in the past?