‘Game of Thrones’ Creators Weiss and Benioff Were Concerned Kit Harrington Didn’t Like The End of The Series

It has been said many times that the cast and crew of Game of Thrones were like a family. As such, the opinions of how the cast felt about how their characters were being written was important to the show’s Creators, D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. So when it came time for the final season’s scripts to be read by the cast, Weiss and Benioff waited to hear from each of the cast to hear how they felt about their conclusion to the series. One by one, they eventually heard from every cast member except one: Kit Harrington. His silence began to unnerve them a bit. Did he not like how Jon Snow’s arc was written in the final season? Was he so upset that he wasn’t going to talk to them? These are the kinds of thoughts they had, as they explained:

That was funny. “Fuck. Does he hate it? If he hates it, does that mean we got it wrong?” We spent a lot of time thinking about his character. We saw him on the day of the table read and said: “So?” And he’s like [in a husky Kit Harington impression], “Oh, I haven’t read it. I want to experience it the first time in this room.” Which ended up being really fun. It was great, and it was a huge relief.

So in the end, their stressing out about Harrington’s view of the final season was relieved and now we are at the precipice of seeing what over a year and a half of work will bring Game of Thrones fans. Are you ready? Do you think if Kit Harrington had a problem with what they had done it would have been changed? Share your opinions and get ready for Sunday Night at 9:00 pm EST when Game of Thrones returns. Rest assured GVNation will be right here ready to talk about it once everyone has seen the premier episode.

Source: Sciencefiction.Com