Game of Thrones Season 8 Release Month Confirmed

There’s been plenty of speculation regarding when Game of Thrones would return for it’s 8th and final season, with loads of people guessing April is when the show would return. Well, this morning HBO released a video confirming that the hit series would indeed be returning in April 2019.

The video, a montage of the best moments in Game of Thrones history, tells how every battle, every betrayal, every risk, every fight, every sacrifice, and every death have all led to this. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a season 8 trailer, but honestly, this was enough to hype me up again for the penultimate season of the show. However, I’d expect a trailer to drop before Christmas/New Year’s at least.

You can tweet your excitement for season 8 using the hashtag #ForTheThrone. How excited are you for Thrones to return? Let us know in the comments below!