Game of Thrones Season Eight Premiere Brings in 17.4 Million Viewers


If you are like the 17.4 million viewers who tuned into the premiere of Game of Thrones’ eight season, you’re not alone. That is how many people viewed the popular HBO all across many platforms, such as linear, HBOGO, and HBO Now. This includes the 11.8 million who watched GOT on the channel, on Sunday alone. It’s expected that viewership will only go up, which beats out the 16.1 million views for season seven’s premiere. HBO Now saw a jump of 50% in viewing compared to last season’s finale and a 97% increase from season seven’s premiere. To say that people have been waiting for this eighth season to premiere is an understatement.

It’s also the most tweeted about series ever, with more than over 5 million people having tweeted about the series during its premiere. Season eight will be the series’ last and there’s only five more seasons to go. You can check out our review of the premiere, done by our talented writer Martin; here.

Below, provided by Variety, is the average number of viewers per episode for each season:

  • Season 7: 32.8 million
  • Season 6: 25.7 million
  • Season 5: 20.2 million
  • Season 4: 19.1 million
  • Season 3: 14.4 million
  • Season 2: 11.6 million
  • Season 1: 9.3 million