‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harrington Recalls How Exhausting Filming The Final Season Was


As we begin the slow and measured countdown to the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, we have seen different members of the show’s cast move on to other things in their careers with Sophie Turner concentrating on X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Kit Harrington starring in Sam Shepard’s play True West. That doesn’t mean that they have completely moved past their time on Game of Thrones. Harrington in particular was quite candid in a recent interview with GQ about the toll filming the last season took on the cast both emotionally and physically.

Everyone was broken at the end. I don’t know if we were crying because we were sad it was ending, or if we were crying because it was so fucking tiring. We were sleep deprived. It was like it was designed to make you think, ‘Right, I’m fucking sick of this.”

In the end, he feels like everyone was ready to move on:

I remember everyone walking around towards the end going, ‘I’ve had enough now. I love this, it’s been the best thing in my life, I’ll miss it one day — but I’m done.’”

Considering that the huge battle scene for their upcoming season was reported as being shot for 55 straight days (probably their battle with the Night King), it is not surprising that everyone was ready to   call it mission complete.

Are you as excited as I am for the last season of Game of Thrones? Do you believe you have an idea how it will all turn out or are you expecting a twist that no one can foresee? Share your ideas with us at GVNation. The Night King is coming.