Geek Media Corps Issue #109 – Oscars in the Green

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Each week, Mike and Danny co-host Geek Media Corps to cover the week that was in geek pop culture and media. From movies and TV to comics and video games, there is no fandom off limits to talk about. The show is broadcast on YouTube Live and later podcasted and available on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

This week, the guys talk about the Oscars winners and losers, some controversy attached to those, if this was Netflix’s watershed moment, and what can be done to improve the annual dwindling ratings. They also touch on the changes at Rotten Tomatoes, their thoughts on the Rocketman trailer, Disney Plus programming, The Haunting of Hill House becoming an anthology series, and the changes happening at Nintendo. All of this and more on Issue # 109. Watch below or subscribe to the show on iTunes or Android for the post-production podcasted version.

Topics & time stamps

Geek Vibes Nation announcement and re-introductions 0:00:38
Oscars Recap 0:06:15
The Green Book “controversy” 0:08:20
Is Mahershala Ali the new Denzel? 0:15:52
Danny’s victory lap on Rami Malek 0:18:13
Will Glenn Close ever get her moment? 0:21:19
Netflix’s watershed moment (Roma) 0:25:46
Marvel finally has it’s Oscars (Black Panther) 0:31:41
And down goes Pixar! (Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse) 0:36:30
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper instant meme 0:45:44
What can be done to improve Oscars viewership? 0:50:26
Rotten Tomatoes changes their “want to see” metric 0:57:24
Rocketman trailer thoughts 1:00:49

Disney Plus ramping up with new Marvel, Star Wars, and Villains 1:04:41
Haunting of Hill House is officially an anthology series 1:08:05
The Man in the High Castle announces final season 1:11:23

Pokemon Nintendo Direct and missing out on the fandom 1:12:15
EA/Bioware’s Anthem launch goes even worse than expected 1:16:22
Reggie Fils-Aimé steps down at Nintendo 1:21:05