Geek Vibes Interview: ‘KRYPTON’S’ Wallis Day (EXCLUSIVE)


Wallis Day is best known for her role as Nyssa-Vex on the Syfy show Krypton, which takes place about two hundred years before Superman is born and the planet meets its untimely demise. Fortunately for us, Day was able to take a moment to talk with us about her character and her journey as an actress.

Is acting something you always wanted to pursue and if you couldn’t be an actor, what career do you see for yourself?

Wallis: Yes! The more I did it, the more I found it impossible to live my life without acting.

Were you a Superman/DC Comics fan before landing the role on Krypton?

Wallis: I was definitely a fan of the DC world and my brother liked comics growing up, so it’s always been a part of my life. Especially Superman.

What was the process of getting cast on the show like?

Wallis: Terrifying! Every audition was nerve wracking but when you fall in love with a script and character, you want nothing but the role. When I heard I got the role, I was beyond thrilled.

In the series Krypton, it’s revealed that your character is bisexual. What do you think the impact is having an openly bisexual character on a comic book-based show?

Wallis: I was in a unique position as I was able to develop a character that would make the LGBTQ community feel seen and accepted in. It meant I had room to explore a wide range of emotions. I think growing up and not having characters to identify with in the world makes it that much easier to question yourself and your place in it.

Did you model your role after any one particular or do you play her specific to your imagination?

Wallis: I was really lucky in playing Nyssa as I felt like I was able to start with a completely clean slate. I was able to work on-set with the directors, talk beforehand to the producers and really mould her into the person I wanted her to be. It was made much easier for me as the phenomenal writers who work on are show had pathed the way already – I simply had to choose how to walk it!

Do you think your character, Nyssa-Vex, could take on Superman?

Wallis: I don’t know if anyone can take on Superman but she would definitely try!

How does Krypton separate itself from other superhero shows?

Wallis: I think, because we don’t yet have superpowers on the show, Krypton is really a show of consequence. If someone dies, they die. If a character loses a limb, it’s gone. We can’t just magic things out of nowhere and that raises the risks and stakes throughout the entire show.

With the huge success of the first season, what can we expect for season two?

Wallis: More of everything! New characters that fans will know and love. The next series also has a much more serious edge to it.

What are some of the challenges you face on a show of this magnitude or in acting period?

Wallis: I think the hardest thing for me is the constant traveling. My hair is not naturally platinum white, and my hair stylist is based in England. That means I have to fly back to London pretty much every weekend to have the roots redone. It definitely exhausts you…!

What do you like to do for fun or to relax when you are not acting?

Wallis: I love being outdoors. I’ve always been a massive tomboy so I love sports, especially watersports. I love adventures and anything that involves taking risks – I’m an adrenaline junky.

Are there any projects or charities you have upcoming that you would like to plug?

Wallis: I work closely with a few charities in Africa, one, in particular, is Hope and Homes for children. Their main work is in Africa and we work with orphanages and reuniting children with their families, or finding them adoptive homes. Orphanages have a huge mortality and abuse rate and simply are not the solution to abandoned or lost children. It’s a very emotional and hard task at times but we, as humans, need to take responsibility for each other and look after one another.


Wallis was so generous with her time we decided to ask her a couple more questions before she left and she had this to say regarding who she would like to see on the show, working with Cameron and life after Krypton.

Who would you love to have on the show?

Wallis: I would love to have Helena Bonham Carter in the show! I think she would fit in perfectly and create such a captivating character in our world.

How much fun is it working with Cameron?

Wallis:So much fun. We were the first out of the cast members to meet and we work together every day so we have a special bond. He’s like a brother to me now.

After being on Krypton, do you think you’d like to be in any DCEU or MCU movie or another television show?

Wallis: Yes! Having worked with Ann Ogbomo, it sounds like Wonder Woman was amazing to film, so maybe Wonder Women 2. Or maybe we’d somehow all cross over in the Justice League! Who knows! I’ll have a word with Geoff Johns…


We really are very grateful to have Wallis Day take time out of her busy schedule to sit down with us. Please be sure to catch her on Krypton, which will air its second season sometime in 2019!