George Carlin Biopic In The Works


Known as one of the best comedians of all time, a biopic for the late George Carlin only seems right. As someone who penned the “seven dirty words” to never say on TV, Carlin’s career is memorialized in his work, and how relevant his stand up shows are even today.

Gail Berman’s Jackal Group will be developing the project, which will be written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Stan Chervin. It won’t be easy bringing Carlin to life without Carlin, but since the comedian passed away in 2008, it’s time we bring his material front and center for a new generation of movie watchers. After all, we have now a Freddie Mercury biopic and an upcoming Elton John movie.

“We are honored to tell the story of one of the most important and influential comedians of all time, and to do so alongside those who knew him best. In addition to shaping comedy and culture for decades and entertaining generations of audiences, Carlin’s battle to protect free speech continues to impact our daily lives and is as relevant as ever,” Berman and Joe Earley said in a joint statement.

What are your thoughts about a George Carlin biopic?

Source: THR