Get Out Producer Will Only Make Sequel if Director Jordan Peele is Involved


Jordan Peele’s Get Out was a cinematic masterpiece. The writer/director was able to produce a poignant horror film that left everyone talking and it’s only natural for people to want a sequel. While producer Jason Blum expresses interest in making a second movie in the franchise, he is stating that this will only happen if Peele is on board with it.

“The only way I would work is if Jordan Peele came up with an idea. There’s no other way there could be a sequel to Get Out because it would stain the quality of the first movie. The only way I would touch it is if the person who created it wanted to. And I’m not going to encourage or discourage him, I have not and would not put pressure on him to do it again. It would have to totally come from him.”

Everyone knew Peele as a comedian and one of the geniuses behind Key & Peele, but Get Out was Peele’s directorial debut and showed everyone that the man has what it takes to be taken seriously among the director’s field. One of the film’s many accomplishments includes an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. The movie touched about racism, elitism, and generally left us all feeling in a complete state of confusion and questioning everything, but in the best of ways.

Get Out featured Daniel Kaluuya as Chris and his girlfriend Rose (played by Allison Williams), who go to Rose’s family’s house, where it’s first presumed that Chris is Rose’s first African American boyfriend. At first, the family seems very accepting, but we quickly discover that not everything is all that it seems and what should have been a nice weekend turned out to be the craziest one of Chris’s life, with him barely escaping alive.

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