‘Glass’ Actress Sarah Paulson Would Like To Join The MCU One Day


In her role as Dr. Ellie Staple in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, Sarah Paulson’s job is to try convince those who believe they are gifted with special abilities that there might be other explanations for what they are experiencing. She talked about her Glass character’s thought process in a recent interview with The Upcoming.

My job in the movie is really to ask the questions to these people who Ellie believes have some sort of affliction, the delusion of grandeur connected specifically to believing they are superhuman, or a superhero. It’s my job to sort of offer another way to think about it and if perhaps they took the time to consider other reasons for why they might be experiencing the things they’re experiencing, they might realize that it has nothing to do with them being special, and I think she thinks it’s for the greater good.

Paulson also explained her thoughts on why she found the Shyamalan trilogy compelling along with her interest in maybe joining another film world of heroes.

Unbreakable was really the first movie of its kind, and it sort of predated all of the Marvel movies — which are all fun and I love watching all of them and I’d like to be in one, but this kind of thing is more rooted and more grounded and I think somehow because it all feels like maybe it could be true, there’s something really arresting and compelling about it.

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