Godzilla King of the Monsters Trailer Debuts at CCXP

A lot has happened in the past week, Avengers Endgame debuted their trailer. Spider-Man: Far from Home also debuted their trailer but it has not been made public we also got first look at Spiderman Stealth Suit. SHAZAM also got a sneak peek at CCXP and now one of the most anticipated movies Godzilla King of the Monsters got its second trailer at CCXP.

Many fans have posted on twitter about this latest trailer especially Collider’s very own  Steven Weintraub.

I am happy for all the fans the could attend Brazil’s CCXP getting new information about everything nerdy and there is more to come. Hopefully, we can get these trailers out for the public and enjoy them as much as everyone at CCXP.

What do you all think of Steven Weintraub thoughts on the trailer? Comment down below.