Gotham EP Assures Fans That Batman Will Play Heavily Into The Finale


Gotham is on a break this week but during the recent TCA presentation for Gotham, showrunner John Stephens was asked about Batman showing up in the finale. Stephens confirmed that the finale will be a 10 year time jump into the future and that fans will get to see plenty of Batman.

“He’s in the episode. He’s not just in a last scene, The last episode is one scene in the timeline of the rest of the season, and then the rest of the episode is in the future. It almost feels in a weird way like another pilot.”

According to Stephens, David Mazouz who plays Bruce Wayne, will provide the voice and face but the actor will not be in costume. They are going with a body double to adjust for the 10 year jump. Bummer! I for one would love to see David wear the cowl. Cameron Monaghan who plays Jerome/Jeremiah had this to say about the finale

“I will say we’ve been given certain liberties in this final season that we haven’t been given before that’s going to make itself pretty apparent as you watch it, All I’ll say is when you have an episode that’s a full-on Batman episode running around in the future, you’re going to have characters that you’ll expect to see. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say at this point that it’s 10 years in the future — that’s been talked about openly by the producers and showrunners – I don’t want to say exactly what my role in that is, but it was kick ass. It’s one of the coolest opportunities I’ve ever had.”

Sounds like Gotham is going out with a bang. I do wish another station or streaming service would pick them up because the cast is great and the show really is one of the best DCTV shows. Even with the 10 year time jump there would be lots to fill in should it get picked up somewhere else. Fingers Crossed!


Source: ComicBook