Greg Nicotero Is The Special Effects Guru For HBO’s ‘Watchmen’


Exclusive: The news doesn’t stop at Geek Vibes Nation just because it’s a holiday. We have been given some exciting news from the world of HBO’s Watchmen. Our anonymous source, who also brought us news about Yahya and Regina King now tells us that famed special effects guru for AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero, is now the head honcho for for the special effects on Watchmen.

Nicotero’s work is well known through film and television history. For 9 years he has brought the dead to life on The Walking Dead, he helped Suicide Squad win an Oscar with his special effects makeup work on Killer Croc. Nicotero will now bring his magic to set of Watchmen and help HBO do the same with is host of DC Comics characters.

Knowing what we know about this show so far and now hearing that Greg is part of the crew just makes this show even more intriguing and interesting.

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