Greg Nicotero Joins ‘Spawn’ Reboot

For Todd McFarlane’s upcoming Spawn movie, bringing on The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero and his KNB EFX Group for visuals is a massive achievement. With McFarlane writing and directing the live-action movie and Nicotero doing the visual effects, it’s already gearing up to be a great film. On top of all of this, Jamie Foxx will play the title character.

The upcoming Spawn film will have a smaller budget, but this just means Nicotero’s signature will be better utilized in practical effects instead of relying on heavy CGI.

“When I conceived of the story to start with, I never really thought of it as big special effects extravaganza because I knew we weren’t going to have the budget for it,” McFarlane told “So I knew I was going to rely heavily on practical makeup and costuming, and one of the places that kept popping up was my good pal Greg Nicotero on his KNB Group. And he’s obviously done a tremendous amount of work on dozens and dozens of movies. The sort of serendipitous part of it is that Greg was there at the beginning 20 years ago for the original Spawn movie.”

Nicotero also went on to say how different this Spawn will look from the one in 1997.

” I think it would be a mistake for people to go, ‘Oh, it’s going to look like the first movie.’ No. That’s not the task nor is that sort of where we’re at creatively. So when I sat down with Greg and his staff, I just said, ‘Here’s what I see visually.’ I gave them some reference at some images throughout the 25-year history of Spawn that I thought was close to what I was talking about. And then I just stepped back and let them start taking a whack at it.”

Spawn is excited to begin filming in 2019.