Greg Nicotero’s Design Heavily Influenced New Spawn Movie


The upcoming Spawn movie, by Todd McFarlane; will have a horror feel to it, much to the thanks of Greg Nicotero. According to McFarlane, Nicotero’s character designs are really shaping this film nicely and even though it isn’t what it was in the previous adaptation, this version is really something special:

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if I told you. He did some 3D rendering for me,’ McFarlane told “It’s spectacular. I mean, it’s just … it’s spectacular. And they’re like little maquettes, if you will, but the upside of it is that when I go to the studios, I want to walk in there, and before I hand them the new script then whatever … get them to see some of the visuals and hold the character in their hand, so that they understand how not a superhero comic book it is, right? When you hold it … I showed a couple people some of the work, and within seconds, as soon as you see it, you just go, “Oh, this isn’t gonna be the formula?” And it’s like, “S***, no.”

He then continued:

“I think, personally, I think if somebody goes in thinking it’s gonna be one thing, action-oriented, PG-13 movie, and you start reading by page, 20, 30, you go, ‘Hey, this isn’t heading in the direction.’ You’ve got off on the wrong foot, right? Tough to come back, because people were thinking they were getting vanilla ice cream. And they’re going, ‘Well, this tastes like chocolate.’ So once your mind’s set up. So I want to make sure that when we go in there, because I’ve got music clips and a bunch of stuff that I can set the mood. I mean, ultimately, they need to think that the script’s gonna be strong enough that it makes the money back.”

“And if not … Like I said, if not, then there are people on the outside that go … I mean, I’m holding them at bay, because I’d like to have the studio in at the beginning, instead of coming back around just for a distribution deal. Anyway, we’ll see.”

There’s no release date yet for Spawn, but based on what McFarlane has detailed about Nicotero’s influence for the movie, what are you thinking?

Source: CB