Guy Pearce to Possibly Replace Michael Sheen in ‘Bloodshot’


After losing Michael Sheen for the upcoming film starring Vin Diesel film, Bloodshot; it seems that Guy Pearce is in talks to replace Sheen according to Variety. Best known for his roles in Memento, Lawless, and Iron Man 3, Pearce could potentially play Dr. Emil Harting, a nanotechnologist. Also starring Eiza Gonzalez, these five upcoming films are based around the Valiant graphic novels Harbinger and Bloodshot.

Sony will be the studio dishing out these films, as it seems that the prior rumors of Sony selling its company are out the window. With their new Spider-verse (with no Spider-Man) films underway, Bloodshot could provide them with a new franchise. Bloodshot is about a wounded soldier who comes back due to nanotechnology, which would be created by Pearce’s character. Pearce is a seasoned actor who could really get himself into this role, so if he does take it, it’d be a film I’d be willing to see.