‘HANNA’ – Episode One Review


Hanna is Amazon Prime’s latest original series and while the actual first season doesn’t drop until March, Prime is allowing for the first episode to be viewed for a full 24 hours once the Superbowl wrapped up. With the Patriots having won, the game was over, and Hanna became live, which I immediately rushed to in order to watch. Based off a movie under the same name, we are following Erik (Joel Kinnaman) as he rescues a child from some sketchy institute in Romania in 2003.

The episode starts out dark and ominous and immediately becomes heart-pounding. I was a happy woman when we got Kinnaman able to show off his moves within the first five minutes of the show and him punching a guy into a furnace was bad-ass. Speaking of bad-ass, Mireille¬†Enos. That’s it, that’s the tweet. This is a reunion between Kinnaman and Enos, who worked on The Killing together, but instead of Linden and Holder teaming up, Erik and Marissa (Enos) are on opposite sides.

The beginning of this episode is intense and tragic and sets the tone of what we should expect from the show. After managing to escape from Marissa, Erik retreats into the forest with baby Hanna and we’re then shown teenage Hanna, who has been raised by Erik all this time. Erik and Hanna live off the land and Erik has clearly taught Hanna how to fight and survive. Even though it is generally serious, it’s clear Erik cares for Hanna and the two of them do have a moment of lightheartedness amongst the tasks at hand.

There are montages of fighting sequences and there is a definite Logan feel here, slightly similar to Wolverine’s relationship with Laura. While Hanna has lived her whole life in the forest with Erik, it’s clear that she is becoming curious about the outside world. Despite everything, Hanna is a teenage girl, so needless to say she becomes a little rebellious.

I have to admit that from some of the advertisement that I was a little bit worried about this show, but I think that showing the first season in preparation for the series launch was a good idea. The first episode was a good introduction into the series and I think that this is going to be a good show to watch. Hanna will try now to live out in the real world and we’ll have to wait until March to find out how she fairs.

Were you able to catch the first episode of Hanna? Let me know what you think.

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