‘House of Cards’ Gears Up For Final Season

Everyone knows House of Cards or at they should. If you do not then what are you waiting for? Go to Netflix right now and BINGE the first 5 seasons! In 2013, it became the first original series to earn multiple Emmy nominations. It was a powerhouse staple of Netflix. A smart, witty show that showcased the gritty lies and deceit that our government uses daily against us. It also created jobs for those in the Washington area. It was a show that everyone waited for.

Then it was brought to the surface that its star, Kevin Spacey; had misconducted consistently throughout his career. With sexual assault accusations falling against him and Spacey coming out to admit to them himself, how could the show ever keep him on? How could the show ever go on with this kind of controversy now tailing it?

The show must go on, as they say in show business. With one final season to air, Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood will take up the mantle for Spacey. Playing alongside Spacey’s character, Claire will serve now as president in the shortened final season.

In a promotion for the upcoming season, we’re given art that is very reminiscent to the first season. We see Claire atop her seat, looking very official and ready to take up the responsibility of running a government. Honestly, there have been many who have wanted to see Claire take charge for some time, but how will the show be now that Spacey is officially out?

House of Cards will air its final season on November 2, 2018.