How Marvel’s J.J. and Henry Abrams Spider-Man Announcement Was Undercut By The #4


It seemed innocent enough. A single number 4 in webbing. Along with a comment about people not seeing this coming. The appearance of this put fans in immediate, full blown investigation mode. What does it mean? Does it possibly mean a long awaited 4th Sam Raimi Spidey film? Does it mean a possible comic adaptation of that same unmade film?

These rumors were only exacerbated when comic artist supreme Alex Ross briefly posted a painting. I say briefly, because the painting of what looked like Kirsten Dunst swinging with Spider-Man was quickly deleted after it was posted. But by then, speculation was in full swing.

Those theories were quickly dashed when the next day, the number 3 in the same webbing appeared. With that, whatever hopes fans had for that final Sam Raimi adaptation evaporated. It was apparent that a countdown was underway. For what, fans weren’t sure. But whatever it was, it had already lost a great deal of luster.

Eventually, the next two days saw the 2 and finally the 1.  Afterwards, it was revealed what the big announcement was. The news was actually pretty exciting. It was revealed that J.J. Abrams and his son Henry would be collaborating with artist Sara Pichelli, co-creator of Miles Morales on a new Spider-Man comic. Unfortunately, with the let down of the initial start up, the bloom had fallen from the rose. Instead, what should have been a nice bit of news was diminished…all because of a 4.

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Source: IGN.Com