Huntress and Black Canary Cast for ‘Birds of Prey’


The casting for Margot Robbie’s upcoming Birds of Prey has been a mystery for a little bit of time now and it seems that we are getting closer to filling all the roles of characters expected to be in the DC movies. According to Variety, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Junee Smollett-Bell have been brought on for the project to play Huntress and Black Canary, respectively. The two actresses will be joining up with Robbie, who is reprising her role as Harley Quinn, who is also producing the female-led film.

The Birds of Prey version of Huntress aka Helena Bertinelli is a former mafia princess who will have to deal with the tragedy of her family being murdered in a mob hit, which turns her towards the life of vigilantism. She will join the good-natured Black Canary aka Dinah Lance, who is an expert streetfighter. We are unsure of what Gotham boss they’re be fighting, but with the cast coming together, it’s looking more and more like a movie that I’m sure everyone will be excited to go to the theaters to see.

Birds of Prey will be directed by Cathy Yan and is set to premiere on February 7, 2020.