Is Jude Law Really Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel?


Jude Law’s character in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie is shrouded with mystery. There have been rumors that he was playing Mar-Vell that was seemingly confirmed by Disney, but then at the same token, he was also listed as Yon-Rogg. So, which one is it? And why all this mystery surrounding Law’s character?

In Iron Man 3, there was a huge mystery if the Mandarin was who he really said he was, which it turned out to not be. Rather than Ben Kingsley being the foe, it was Guy Pearce’s character. We could ask if this is something that Marvel wants to imitate with Captain Marvel, but fans can recall that the big reveal in Iron Man 3 was…lacking. But, with this being Jude Law and the hype surround Captain Marvel, perhaps the reveal will be even greater.

Is this the big secret that the studio has for Captain Marvel? Will it be that important in Carol Danver’s┬ástory? Perhaps they are originally going to present him as Yon-Rogg but then reveal his identity as Mar-Vell? What do you all make of this? Let us know!

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8, 2019

Source: Heroic Hollywood