iZombie Releases Photos for 5th Season Premiere “Thug Death”

iZombie is close to premiering its fifth and final season on May 2nd even though we don’t have a trailer yet (come on, CW!), we do have some pictures of the upcoming season premiere. The title of the episode will be called Thug Death and by the way, Ravi is dressed, I’m assuming he’s going through his zombie phase and he’s eaten the brain of someone quite thuggish.

You can check out the photos provided by KSite TV below and let us know what you think the episode will entail based on the pictures. From what I can see, we are going to have Peyton dealing with who seems like an adversary, though; what her gripe is, we don’t know yet. And Blaine and Don E seem to be continuing their criminal enterprise, while Liv and Clive, as always; do their job in keeping the city safe and solving crimes.

What are you hoping to see in the fifth season of iZombie? Let us know!