iZombie Releases Teaser Ahead of Final Season: “Make It Brain One Last Time”

iZombie is probably a show that you’ve looked over because the name sounded a little odd to you. Or maybe the premise, even though you could make comparisons to Warm Bodies or Santa Clarita Diet – if you like both, you would like iZombie. This CW show stars Rose McIver as Liv Moore (yes, pun intended) whose seemingly perfect life all goes to pieces after being infected with the zombie virus and thus becoming a zombie. The show, throughout the seasons; has touched upon social issues, has had some hard-hitting moments, and generally is a lot of fun as Liv goes through different personality changes due to the brains she eats at the city morgue.

Though the fandom for this show has been small, we adore this series. Which, was why we were ecstatic to be getting a fifth season, though the happiness was short-lived when we found out it would be iZombie’s last outing. Still, we know that Rob Thomas and all the actors involved are going to give us a great last go-around and since the premiere of the fifth season is on May 2nd, we’re in the final few weeks before it hits TV. iZombie’s Instagram released a smaller teaser with the tagline, “make it brain one last time”.

iZombie is loosely based on a comic of the same name and if you haven’t checked it out, the first four seasons are on Netflix for your binging pleasure. If you have watched this show, you can check out [my] personal favorite moments from the series here!