iZombie Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Crazy Rich Zombies


As we step into the second episode of iZombie’s fifth season, we explore more themes that were developing in the previous season. Themes that are very relatable to real-life such as border control, race tensions, and everything else that plays into a city that is divided. Of course, iZombie has always used itself to start the dialogue, such as using the zombie virus to speak about how someone who is a zombie is no different than anyone else, relating it almost to the HIV virus. It’s nice to see iZombie continue this trend in using what is happening in the show as a catalyst to get people talking and as they work things out on screen, hopefully, it can help us work things out in real life.

But, tensions are incredibly high in New Seattle. People are taking up arms themselves and race tensions are making it difficult for both the police department and Filmore Graves to keep the city at a calm level. Major is seeing that stepping in for Chase Graves is more difficult than he could imagine and there are those even in his command who are wondering if he’s the right person to lead them. You have humans who dislike zombies and zombies who dislike humans; which, makes everyone else’s position hard, as they’re just trying to find ways to live cohesively.

For those who were concerned about last episode, we have a brain for Liv to enjoy! Fitness Guru brain is just another brain that leads to hilarity with Liv, as she is on a mission to not only try to help her friends become fit, but reminding them how many calories are in certain food items. Exactly what everyone wants to hear, Liv. Among all this tension as well is the continuity that Clive and Ravi are continuing the D&D group that they had begun being involved in last season, which is a nice touch by the showrunners. At first, Clive was resistant to Dungeons and Dragons, now he loves it, and we will continue to love how big of a nerd our favorite Seattle police officer is.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar makes his iZombie debut this episode as city council member Zed who ultimately wants to help Peyton create better PR for New Seattle, but his hands are tied. The former basketball legend is a nice addition to the show and I’m looking forward to seeing more of his throughout the season. Peyton certainly has her own set of problems laid out for her this season, so we will have to wait to see how everyone’s efforts to hold the city together fair in wake of those who wish to destroy zombies and those who wish to overrule humans.

What did you think about episode two “Dead Lift”?