‘iZombie’ Season 5 To Begin Filming Soon

Being an iZombie fan means being a fan of a show that both many know and don’t know at the same time. I’m always surprised to see how many people enjoy this “little zombie show”, but we’re a quiet fan base. We enjoy each and every episode, but we’re not as loud as Supernatural fans or any show on the Arrowverse on the CW.


Originally, even I didn’t give iZombie a second glance. I remember watching the Flash and seeing the previews for the series premiere and being off-put by the show’s name. iZombie? Sounded like a program that couldn’t possibly be good. Then one day, months later, I binged the first season on Netflix after not having anything to watch. I was hooked. That was all that was needed to make me a fan for life. I could go on and on about how magnificent the writing is. How Rose McIver and all the rest of the cast puts in their best foot forward, for a highly underappreciated series. Plus, the spin on the “zombie” forum, as well as delivering some raw emotion intermingled with light comedy. It’s genius.


In April, almost every single CW was renewed, except iZombie and a couple others. It got to the point where only iZombie was hanging up in the air. The hashtag #renewizombie was trending on Twitter, even I tweeted out constantly just to get a response from the network. How could they leave us fans hanging? It was absurd that this show kept getting overlooked.


We fans had a brief moment of relief when iZombie was renewed for a fifth season, only to find out a little bit later that that would be their last. I have mixed feelings about the announcement. On one hand, I love this show. I could watch it forever, but five seasons are good. Unlike some shows on the CW, ones I won’t mention, it won’t be dragged out much longer than it needed to be. On the other hand, I feel it’s just another way for the CW to be done with this show. It seems the network only wants Supernatural and the DC shows on it, despite the fact that iZombie is affiliated with DC, through Vertigo.


Rahul Kohli, one of the stars of the show, recently tweeted that filming for the final season will start in two weeks. It’s exciting to know we’ll be getting more content and more laughs, more heartwarming moments. The cast itself are some very close people, as recently Kohli, McIver, and Malcolm Goodwin just got iZombie related tattoos together.



iZombie season four took the show to places it had never been before. The show went from barely a handful knowing about zombie kind in the first season, to the whole nation knowing by the fourth. We had some really great regulars, such as Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars play Chase Graves, who for obvious reasons (no spoilers) won’t reprise their role for the fifth season.


iZombie will return on the CW in 2019 for its final send off. To the actors of the show, Rose McIver, Rahul Kohli, Malcolm Goodwin, David Anders, Aly Michalka, Robert Buckley, and Bryce Hodgson, you’ve definitely made this show one of my all-time favorites. I hope your careers continue to flourish and yes this is a bit of a love letter to the show, as I’ll always be Team Z.