‘iZombie’ Season Five Officially Filming!

We previously reported that based on a tweet by actor Rahul Kohli that iZombie would begin filming its fifth and final season. Everything seems to be underway now, with several of the show’s actors tweeting out pictures of themselves on set. Rose McIver, the actress from New Zealand who plays the main character Liv Moore; tweeted out a picture of herself in full costume and it suffices to say, we’ve all missed her.

As an iZombie fan myself, this is all incredibly bittersweet. Every season, I’ve looked forward to the #BehindtheBrains hashtag on twitter to watch the cast tweet out updates and behind the scenes pictures. This trend happened during the hiatus in between season two and three of the show, when the CW made us fans wait a whole year before getting out fix, all to make room for a show that ended up only lasting one season. I’m not bitter, okay?

Considering how talented every single one of those involved in iZombie is and how dedicated Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero are to telling us their story, I have no doubt they’ll wrap the show up in a way that will make fans happy. After all, they know how much this show means to us and how we’ve felt by the network seemingly not recognizing that the show does indeed have a large following. I can only hope that we see a bright future for every one of the actors and that maybe in a few years we’ll get an iZombie movie like they did with Veronica Mars!