iZombie’s David Anders on Blaine’s Place in Season Five As Well as a New Romance

iZombie -- “Return Of The Dead Guy” -- Image Number: ZMB310a_0485.jpg -- Pictured: David Anders as Blaine -- Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Today is the day! Tonight will showcase the premiere of iZombie’s fifth and final season and while we are sad to know the end is nigh, at least our favorite zombie show is back.

One of the prominent characters in the story of iZombie is Blaine Debeers (played by David Anders), who was essentially the first zombie and scratched Liv Moore during a boat party, catapulting everything in the show. Blaine made plenty of zombies to feed his business, seeing money in creating a demand for brains. From there, we’ve seen Blaine go from a small-time drug dealer to a procurer of real estate, restaurants, and more. Despite his questionable motives, Blaine has persevered within the series and has become a fan favorite.

In a recent interview with Anders, he talks about Blaine’s place within the final season:

Can you preview how things are going for Blaine personally and professionally?

David Anders: “Going into this season, everything is going swimmingly for Blaine. He’s the most successful he’s ever been.

Personally, he still doesn’t have the girl. He lost Peyton. That’s never going to come back his way, or is it? But he’s making do. There’s a lot of other fish in the sea that is New Seattle.”

Anders then teased a new romance for Blaine:

Are there any fun or interesting new dynamics for Blaine this season? Anyone he’s interacting with he hasn’t in the past much?

“There’s some cool things, some cool fighting. It’s Brazilian fighting, to impress a girl. I do some of that, and that girl happens to be Gage Golightly, a wonderful actress who comes in. She plays a reporter. She’s trying to crack this big story, she’s got a scoop. She’s going to win a Pulitzer for it. They develop a bit of a liking for each other.”

Finally, Anders went into what he will miss about playing everyone’s favorite bad guy:

“Everything about him. There’s a freedom to it that I’m going to miss. I was instructed to “just chew the scenery and do that David Anders thing that you do,” and I was like, “English? Play an English guy?” “Yeah, do that guy, but from Seattle.” I was instructed to tear down the scene, tear down the walls.

And they wrote for us all very well. They wrote to our voices very well. So, it was hard not for David to become a lot of Blaine and Rahul [Kohli] become a lot of Ravi, etc. Weirdly, it’s the closest part to me, to David Anders, that I’ve ever played, minus the multiple homicides.”

You can check out the full interview at TV Insider and watch season five’s premiere tonight on the CW!