iZombie’s Rob Thomas Talks Final Season, Major Character Death, and Potential For A Veronica Mars/iZombie In The Future


We are one day away until the final season of iZombie airs and wow, it seems like we’ve waited forever for the show to return, but now that we know these are the last episodes ever, it’s a little frightening. As we move into the fifth season, showrunner Rob Thomas had a few things to say to let fans know what they were in for. According to TV Guide, Thomas lets fans know that they should expect a major death:

This show kills off a lot of recurring characters, but we haven’t lost a main one yet. Should fans brace themselves for huge deaths this season?

Thomas: I” would always brace yourself. That absolutely could happen.”

Thomas also gave an explanation as to the reasoning why season five is the final season and it seems that it was not his choice:

As sad as I am that this show is ending, I’m happy that it gets to go out on its own terms. Why was now the right time to end the show?

Thomas: “Well, I was not given a choice on that. [Laughs.] Essentially, we were on the bubble last year; we did not know we were going to get picked up. Right up until the day they announced the schedule, we did not know whether we would be on it or not. I was grateful that they gave us one more season. But it was not a, “Rob, how many more seasons would you like?” It was, “Rob, you’re either getting zero or one.” And I said, “I’ll take one!” I’m grateful that they did it because — and I’m speaking of the head of the network and the head of the studio — and I think we got it because they had been real fans of the show and real supportive of the show even when our ratings have just been consistently on the bubble.”

Thomas’s previous show Veronica Mars had also been canceled unceremoniously, but considering Thomas knew that iZombie’s fifth season would be its last, he had the opportunity to craft an ending. So, will we be seeing any revivals of iZombie in the future, as we are seeing in Veronica Mars? Perhaps not, because Thomas actually has a chance to complete his story. According to Variety, Thomas has wrapped everything up in a bow.

Can we expect everything to be tied neatly into a bow by the series finale?

“Very neatly. There will be no cliffhangers. For the first time in my career, I know that this show is going to be over at the end of the season. It is in a lovely bow at the end of the season. We will answer all of the big, long-term arc questions. You’ll get answers to just about everything before the season ends.”

Speaking of Veronica Mars, which got new life (or I should say, will be getting new life) on Hulu, Thomas was asked if there’s a chance of seeing some iZombie actors on Veronica Mars as we’ve seen some of the latter on the zombie show:

“We have discussed, do we drop the procedural elements? Do we play that Seattle is so FUBARred that the daily grind of solving murder cases is behind us, and it just is, will the city survive and we just play the serialized story of that?” Thomas said. “I mean, that has gone through our mind. One of the things that we keep coming back to is that so much of the fun of the show is the brains of the week — Liv consuming the brain, taking on the personality. It provides so much of our comedy. I think if you look at episodes toward the end of our season, that murder of the week case goes from occupying 50% of the episode, to 40% of the episode, to maybe a third of the episode. One of the differences between doing something like Veronica Mars and iZombie is that on Veronica Mars, we try to be meticulous about the case. The case is important, and doing a mystery show, we’re not trying to hide any of the clues. You see the same clues that Veronica does, so you can play the home game of solving the mystery. Doing iZombie, where Liv can have a vision at some point, we’ve often likened it to — this is too much self-congratulatory and that’s not how I mean it, but The Big Lebowski. The first time I watched The Big Lebowski, I thought, ‘I don’t get it. Who kidnapped Bunny Lebowski? How was this solved?’ I was very worried. I now have watched that movie 65 times, and I don’t watch it for who solved the case.”

He continued:

“We really couldn’t do it, otherwise you probably would have [seen them in Veronica Mars], because I love that cast. The iZombie crew wrapped right around the same time as we started shooting the finale for Veronica Mars, so for most of the season they were overlapping. The only roles left in Veronica Mars, because season finale, all the main characters are in play, were three-line roles. If I were going to do something with it, I’d want to offer them something bigger and better. So, no, unfortunately there is no overlap there. I promise you, if and when I have a next show on the air, you’ll see some of those cast members because I do adore them.”

iZombie premieres tomorrow May 2nd. If you enjoy iZombie, please give a listen to our Top 10 iZombie moments from seasons 1-4, partnered with the iZombie Podcast with Robin & Steph.