James Wan Reacts To ‘Aquaman’ Becoming The Highest Grossing DC Film Of All Time


Let’s face it. When you’re doing a film about what has been considered by many as the “wet-headed step-child” of DC comics, your expectations might not have been grandiose. James Wan knew he wanted to elevate the character to a level that was on an equal footing with the more iconic heroes like Superman or Batman. What he probably didn’t anticipate was his film, would one day surpass all DC films that came before it and become the highest grossing DC film of all time.

He helped commemorate this by posting about the character he wanted to do his way.

For years Aquaman has been an orange-shirted punchline… No one is laughing anymore. And this weekend when the King of Atlantis surpasses the Dark Knight of Gotham City, orange will officially be the new black for Warner Bros.” Crazy.”

The only thing more “crazy” will be if DC doesn’t lock in Wan for the eventual sequel to the “King” of DC Films. Did you ever anticipate that Aquaman would leave all other DC films in its aquatic wake? Is it imperative for DC to once again let Wan make film he wants to make if he chooses to pursue it? Share your ideas for a follow up film with GVNation.