Jamie Lee Curtis Is All In For ‘HALLOWEEN’ Sequel, Under One Condition


Halloween is setting franchise and box office records and it is due large in part to the return of scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. But it took a great script from David Gordon Green and Danny McBride to convince not only John Carpenter to come back to the franchise but also Jamie Lee Curtis. The last time we saw Laurie Strode was in Halloween Resurrection when her character was killed off unceremoniously in what I feel is the worst Halloween film ever made. The latest entry into the Halloween franchise is set directly after Carpenter’s 1978 classic and scrubs the rest of the films creating a new time line. Producer Malek Akkad tried this once before Halloween H20 which again saw Jamie Lee Curtis come back for one final confrontation with Michael and that film ignored all films after Halloween 2. H20 saw Laurie finally rid the world of evil and that ending would have been a great send off for Curtis but alas we got Halloween Resurrection.

This Halloween was marketed as the final showdown between Laurie and Michael but box office success and a great script can change all that. SPOILER ALERT: Empire Magazine AustraliaMuch like H20, Laurie is victorious over Michael and despite the ending making it seem like Michael is finally TOAST (pun intended) Blumhouse is looking at getting a sequel green lit. Jamie Lee Curtis spoke with and even had this to say about what would make her come back for the sequel

“If David Gordon Green called me up and said let’s do another Halloween, I would do another Halloween, Because he did such a beautiful job creating this movie,”

I have to agree with Jamie on David being a key part of them doing a sequel. Him and Danny McBride did such a great job with the script that I really would hate to see the franchise fall into the wrong hands again. I would for sure bring back the core group for one more film and see where it goes from there. Audiences still love Jamie and they still love Michael Myers, a box office opening of $77 million proved that.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Jamie Lee Curtis come back under the right conditions? Leave us a comment below.


Source: Bloody Disgusting