Jamie Lee Curtis On Previous Halloween sequels: “There were some Shitty Ones”


If there is one thing we have learned about Jamie Lee Curtis over the years is she is not shy about giving her opinions. This is especially true when it comes to the roles she has played and the projects she has worked on, for better or worse, Jamie tells it like it is. This includes past work on her four appearances in the Halloween franchise.  Curtis told BBC why she agreed to return to the franchise in her fourth sequel, which disregards all other sequels everything except John Carpenter’s 1978 original.

I haven’t been in one in 20 years. I’m in this one simply because of what [director] David Gordon Green wrote.

After appearing in John Carpenter’s original Halloween, Curtis reprised her role in 1981’s Halloween II. She wouldn’t revisit the Halloween franchise again until 1998’s Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. She then briefly appeared in the 2002 sequel Halloween: Resurrection. She only made that appearance in that film because she was contractually obligated to.

With that kind of track record for the Halloween entries, she only agreed to be involved in the current project because the aforementioned Green script and because of Carpenter’s involvement (executive producer and composer). It is her belief that the real impetus for the project was not her’s but more Carpenters. His involvement made this more reflective of the original Halloween experience.

The real stamp of approval is John Carpenter’s, not mine. Because I made a couple of shitty ones.

It was her appearance in the 2002 Halloween:Resurrection that she railed about the most about. It was in this film that Michael Myers was brought back from his apparent death at the hands of Laurie (Curtis) at the end of Halloween H2O. He accomplished this by supposedly replacing himself with a paramedic before Strode killed him. The film then had Myers track down Laurie at the sanitarium where she was institutionalized. He eventually stabbed and dropped Laurie from the roof, killing her.

As always, Curtis wasn’t shy about talking about the film.

Did you see Resurrection?! Halloween II wasn’t great. H20 was okay. Resurrection is a piece of shit.

As to some fan’s problems about Gordon Greene’s decision to ignore all that had transpired in previous installments as to Laurie Strodes history, Curtis’ position was made very clear:

I don’t care. What can I do? I’m not going to try to dissuade someone from a feeling. There have been some terrible movies made, I understand that. My goal was to show up with integrity, to show up and tell the truth about what happened to Laurie.

Judging from critics and fan’s reactions so far, I would say her mission was accomplished as the new Halloween is set to break box-office records in its premier weekend. How do you feel about the new Halloween and Jamie Lee Curtis performance? Does the fact that all the past movies were ignored other than the original make a difference? Share your thoughts on all things Halloween with us at GVNation.