Jedi Fallen Order: Everything You Need To Know, Second Sister Identity Revealed

We got our first glimpse at Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming title based in a galaxy far far away at this year’s Star Wars Celebration. Jedi fallen Order. The panel gave us an insight into the games development as well as some new characters, some really cool new troopers and a quick cinematic teaser starring Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis the young padawan you will be playing as.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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The game will be an action melee game set in between Episode III and IV during the Empire’s rise to power and shortly after the infamous Jedi Purge thanks to Order 66. You play as Cal kestis, a young padawan who survived the purge and is now living in hiding from the Empire. After an accident at the scrap yard he works at forces him to reveal his force sensitivity he becomes a target of the Empire and is hunted down by its inquisition.

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We got a great look at both the Second Sister and the new Purge Troopers who will be assisting her. The inquisitors first made their appearance in Star Wars Rebels and have featured in the Darth Vader comics including the Second Sister herself who first appeared in the Dark Lord of the Sith comic. But who exactly is the Second Sister?


Well, thanks to a tweet from Jason Ward from Making Star Wars there is a VERY good chance she is actually Barriss Offee.

He’s been a reliable source for Star Wars info before, and this has been a rumor floating around for a long time so the chances of it happening are pretty high. Barriss has featured heavily in the Clone Wars animated show and was a padawan learner and good friend to fellow Jedi Ahsoka Tano. After getting annoyed by the Jedi’s approach towards the war she bombed the Jedi temple tried to frame Ahsoka and even attacked Anakin when confronted about it. After being arrested for her crimes thats the last we saw of her. Inquisitors are usually Jedi Padawans who turned to the Empire and the dark side after order 66 and Barriss fits that bill perfectly. Many expected her to show up as an Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels but she never did. Now it looks like fans will finally get that wish.

Thats pretty much all we have story wise but the developers did go into some detail about Jedi Fallen Order’s gameplay at Celebration. Whilst we didn’t see any gameplay the cinematic trailer featured in-game assets and was running on the in-game engine which happens to be the Unreal Engine rather than EA’s go-to Frostbite engine.  Despite that, it still looked stunning.

A quote from the developers describes the game’s combat as “thoughtful combat” having to assess the type of enemies you are going up against and exploit their weaknesses. Not a new concept in the genre but it sounds very similar to the different enemy types in the Forced Unleashed series which too required different attacks to take down.

The game itself is a singleplayer only title which will feature no multiplayer and according to EA will have “No loot boxes or micro-transactions”. That does not mean the game won’t have story-based DLC similar to the likes of Marvels Spider-Man PS4 but as of right now nothing along those lines have been confirmed.

I’m really excited for Jedi Fallen Order, even though we need to see gameplay before we can properly judge this title there is a huge amount of talent behind the scenes.  I have faith in Respawn to do a good job as developers, the game is directed by God of War 3’s director Stig Asmussen who I also have faith in and the story, so far sounds great with a fantastic lead in the form of Cameron Monaghan.

Will you be picking the game up when it launches November 15? Tell us your thoughts on Jedi Fallen Order down below or over on Twitter.