John Hamm Answers Those Batman Rumor Questions


It was only a matter of time, when would John Hamm get “the question?” As the saying goes, “Blessed is he who expects nothing, cause it ain’t gonna happen” or something like that. The “question” happened during an appearance at New York Comic-Con in promotion for New Omens: Would he like to play Batman?

Apparently, the audience was expecting this to be asked during the presentation. Once the moment arrived, audience got pretty excited, to which Hamm replied with the following:

The first rule of playing Batman, is not to talk about playing Batman… but I will answer your question. Comics are hard but graphic novels are the hardest.

It was apparent that Hamm was prepared for just such an eventuality with an answer that serves the purpose of not saying anything. Warner Bros. would be so proud.

Hamm is one of many that have been brought up since Ben Affleck’s future in the role has been clouded by uncertainty. He has been one of the more popular suggestions, if they are continuing with Batman at his current age. If they decide to go younger, other options would most likely be considered.

How do you feel about Hamm as Bruce Wayne/Batman if Ben Affleck is not brought back? Can Hamm pull off the Dark Knight? You’re back in the casting business here at GVNation.


Source: ComicBook