John Krasinski At Work On ‘A Quiet Place 2’


With the success of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, it was only a matter of time before Paramount made inquiries about a sequel. Of course, the first place they went was to the actor/director himself.

However, as it turned out, Krasinski had given no thought to turning the movie into a series or franchise although that seems to be the growing trend among films in the genre. Because of that, he hadn’t really given the project much thought beyond the original film although he admitted that he did have an idea for a possible sequel. As Krasinski explained:

That was my intention for the movie itself. Then I had this small idea for a sequel, but I didn’t think it would go anywhere. So, I said to the studio, Just go do the movie with somebody else.

However, after the studio had followed Krasinski’s suggestions and opened itself up to pitches from other writers, they decided to revisit Krasinski in the hopes of hearing his thoughts. He finally shared his ideas with producer Andrew Form of Platinum Dunes:

They heard some pitches, and I told Drew about this little idea. And he told me to think about it a little longer. And then I thought, This might really work. So, I’m currently writing the sequel.

This is good news for the studio as while the script for the first film had been written by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, Krasinski made some significant changes to the story when he signed on to direct the movie. This included the opening sequences as well as some of the details about how life in this world would go.

Beyond writing the script, it is not known how much more involved Kransinski will be. However, if his first movie is any indication, his involvement could turn out to be substantial.

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