Jon Bernthal Talks Frank’s Father/Daughter Bond With Newcomer Amy


When we see Jon Bernthal return as Frank Castle in The Punisher season two, he will be teaming up with a wayward teen Amy, who seems to be in big trouble when Frank finds her. Played by Georgia Whigham, Bernthal commented on the relationship with Whigham:

“I really enjoy working with Georgia just for that. Because a lot of everything I lost is in her but everything I maybe secretly, quietly I hope to gain is in her as well.”

Amy is described as being the age that Frank’s daughter Lisa would have been, so it’s easy to see why Frank would be taking her under her wing while she is in trouble. Amy’s character will be running from Josh Stewart’s John Pilgrim, who has been described as an “alt-right Christian fundamentalist” and will be the season’s big bad, despite Ben Barnes returning as Billy Russo.

Bernthal also talked about Frank’s other special relationship in The Punisher, which is the one he has with Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page. The two had such on-screen chemistry during Daredevil season two that it sparked a ship and several jokes about fans wanting Karen to be with Frank more than Matt, her comic book beau.

“The most interesting relationships to me, the most interesting art to me, are the ones that don’t have a name. That’s all that Deb and I have been trying to achieve with me and Karen. It’s not saying, ‘Okay, this is what they are.’ That literally changes from scene to scene and moment to moment,” Bernthal said.

“I think he hears this opportunity to work with this young woman and as they discover more about each other it runs the gamut. It can be anything. The minute you start limiting what a relationship can be and classifying it, it just becomes far less interesting. I think that’s true in life, too. When you meet somebody, anything is possible. Especially when you’re dealing with a bunch of people who have both been through a sh-t ton. The possibilities are endless of what those two people could end up meaning to each other. It changes from moment to moment.”

The Punisher will premiere on Netflix January 18th!

Source: CB