Jonny Quest Will Be Directed by Chris McKay


Hold onto your childhood, because Jonny Quest is officially making a comeback. The popular Hanna-Barbera primetime animated series that was created by Doug Wildey in the mid-1960s will be directed by Chris McKay, most recently known for his work on The Lego Batman Movie. For another who didn’t watch the reruns on Cartoon Network, Jonny Quest told the story of an adventurous boy traveling alongside his father, who is a scientist; his adopted brother Hadji, and their former secret agent bodyguard, Race Bannon. Together, all three of them look to solve the problems that are most threatening to the world.

Seeing Jonny Quest be translated into modern times will be interesting compared to the time it came out, but in a world full of revivals, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a childhood favorite will be brought into the twenty-first century. Terry Rossio and Dan Mazeau worked on previous drafts of the screenplay before McKay was brought in.

How do you feel about a Jonny Quest revival?

Source: The Wrap