Josh Stewart Talks His Villain in The Punisher Season 2


Just like Daredevil season three had Wilson Fisk with a side of Bullseye, The Punisher Season Two sees not only the return of a veteran villain (Billy Russo), but the introduction to another big bad. The season two release date was just announced; we will see the return of Frank Castle on January 18th. We will also see a new antagonist in Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim, a man described as an “alt-right Christian fundamentalist.” In an extensive interview with Collider, the actor sat down to speak in depth about his character.

“John Pilgrim is a fairly quiet, still person,” he explained. “On the exterior a man who is a Christian fundamentalist who had sort of a rage, a violent side of him. It’s buried deep. I think where this is all headed, that sort of side of him is going to resurface a bit.”

Stewart, though; was sure to mention that his religious beliefs are not “Cult-ish”:

“It’s nothing cult about it. It’s nothing like that. He’s just a guy who believes the word. He knows that he’s got to follow the word by the word or it would be too easy for him to go back to his old ways. If you’re gonna change you got to change.”

As for what brings Castle and Pilgrim’s paths to cross is unknown, Pilgrim delves into the similarities between his and Jon Bernthal’s characters in retrospect to their violent pasts:

“The greatest war is the war of the mind. It’s a constant fight. You can take that with so many characters in this world. What they’re doing today and the reasons they’re doing it completely contradict what they’re doing tomorrow. But it doesn’t mean there’s a wrong thing. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad or it’s good. It’s just what needs to be done in their mind, in their beliefs, in their way.”

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Source: CBR