Judith Grimes’ Actress Meets Jon Bernthal


It’s been a running joke throughout the entirety of The Walking Dead that Judith Grimes is indeed Shane Walsh’s biological daughter, not Rick Grimes. In season seven, Rick even admitted to Michonne that he knew that Judith was not biologically his, rather Shane’s from the affair his deceased friend and wife had. Despite this, Rick raised Judith as his own and in Rick’s now departure from the series, Michonne has accepted the child with loving arms during the six-year time jump in the middle of season nine.

At Wizard World New Orleans, Cailey Fleming, who plays Judith; posed with her character’s “real dad” Jon Bernthal aka Shane. Although there’s no way for the two characters to ever meet in the series, Shane did ask in Rick’s hallucination aka his final episode about his “baby girl”.

Bernthal had joked in 2013 that Judith was Shane’s, adding:

“[Judith is] going to have a big old busted nose and giant-ass ears.”

I have to say, Cailey is cute as a button, so no busted nose or giant ears here, Mr. Bernthal. In the series, Judith has a brother in Rick Junior, who is Rick and Michonne’s first and only biologically shared child.

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Source: CB