Karen Gillan Returns To Work As Nebula With A Cryptic Message For Thanos


Most Father’s main goal is to keep their daughters safe and to keep them together. What do you do when your Dad’s main purpose seems to be to see you come apart? That was the way things were for Karen Gillan’s Nebula. The last time we saw her she was stuck on Titan with Tony Stark after Daddy snapped his fingers, and some necks, and some bones, etc. etc. While most of the main filming for upcoming Avengers 4 took place during the production of Infinity War, there are still some reshoots and additional sequences being filmed as we speak, or type.

With that in mind, Karen Gillan posted on Instagram reflecting her return to work on the set with a cryptic message about what Nebula’s intentions might be…

Considering how Thanos treated Nebula and how he killed her “sister” Gamora right when they appeared to be working things out between them, one can only guess how that “unfinished business” will play out.

Do you expect an important role for Nebula in Avengers 4? How do you think Tony and her are getting along there on Titan? Share your Nebula theories with us at GVNation.