Karen Page Episode Info For The Punisher Season Two Revealed

Deborah Ann Woll has been the Netflix MCU’s Karen Page for some time now. Three seasons of Daredevil, one season of The Defenders and The Punisher, and multiple mentions in between, we have one last chance to see her on screen as the reporter/office manager in The Punisher season two. It’s no doubt that Karen means a lot to Frank Castle, so it’d be silly and unthinkable to have a season surrounding the popular vigilante without her. But, Kastle fans may be a little saddened to know that she is only in one episode.

According to MTV’s Ryan J. Downey, we see Woll reprise her role for one episode. Much like Finn Jones was brought in for a single episode in Luke Cage season two, her impact will have a similar effect. After all, Danny’s presence in season two of Luke Cage was to help Luke during a difficult time and guide him on a better path in his journey on how to stop both Bushmaster and Mariah. Karen has always been on Frank’s side, even if there’s time she’s disagreed with the manner in which Frank does things. Every Kastle shipper fawned over Karen’s mention/defense of Frank in Daredevil season three, so if Frank is in the middle of a moral dilemma with Billy Russo or newcomer John Pilgrim (played by Josh Stewart), this would be a good place to squeeze Karen in.

Still, The Punisher season two could possibly be the last we see of Karen Page as played by Woll. And for the Kastle shippers out there hoping something romantic would develop between the two, which was previously said that it could but only after several seasons; the hope is slim that we’ll see it. At least there’s fanfiction, right?

The Punisher season two hits Netflix January 18th!