Kevin Feige Debunks Deadpool/Spider-Man Rumor, Says Marvel Evaluating How To Introduce Fox Characters


The rumors and speculation of who Marvel would be bringing into the MCU since the Fox acquisition have been endless. One such rumor was that Deadpool would be introduced in a Spider-Man film or on a Disney+ series. While nothing has been confirmed or even decided at this point, Kevin Feige is a recent interview with Comicbook.Com did confirm there are discussions being had.

No I mean we’re certainly having conversations about the future of all of those Fox properties. How to weave them in and when to weave them in. That one, in particular, is not the case.

Since Feige probably would know about these things, we’ll have to assume that Deadpool is still waiting in the wings for his MCU premier. As for the X-Force film that was supposed to be in the works for Fox, that too has been put on the back burner for the time being. It appears that patience is the word of the present for these things to happen.

Are you looking forward to seeing Deadpool and the other Fox Marvel characters in the MCU? Will Disney allow to Deadpool to shine in his R-Rated glory? They have proven he can do PG-13 but, it’s really not the Deadpool we all know and love. Share your ideas with us at GVNation.

Source: Comicbook.Com