Kevin Feige Teases That ‘Captain Marvel 2’ Might Take Place Before ‘Endgame’


When your movie takes in around 160 million on its first weekend, it isn’t surprising that it would be surmised that a sequel would happen. That is the case with Captain Marvel although we need to be clear, nothing has been discussed as of yet about a sequel and most likely won’t be with Avengers:End Game, and Spider-Man: Far from Home still on the horizon. With that being said, that hasn’t stopped Marvel’s Kevin Feige from talking about the possibilities as he did with Entertainment Tonight (Slight Spoiler) when he was asked about whether Carol Danvers actually ended the Skrull/Kree War:

Well, we don’t know what she did, right? She said she was going to and she went flying off at the end, and then we jump many years into the future. What happened in that intervening time, I think, is something that would be a lot of fun to explore at some point.

Taking that at face value, it could mean that the next Captain Marvel may be set in time between the first film and Avengers: End Game. How would you like for the follow up to Captain Marvel to fill in the gaps between those two films? Share your storyboard with us at GVNation.

Source: We Got This Covered